Claiming your business on Your Business Directory FREE!

Everyday our locals add their favourite businesses on Your Business Directory, so now you can claim your business here.

How to claim your business on Your Business Directory?

1. Click the Log In button in the top right corner of Your Business Directory website

If you are already a member, log in. If not, click on the NOT A MEMBER? SIGN UP at the bottom of the form.

2. This popup will appear.

Type in a Username and your email address and check the I’m not a robot button and click Register.

3. Go to your inbox to retrieve your username and password. Copy and paste them on a word document and go back to the Log In page and Sign In.

4. The administrator will receive an email to let them know that someone has registered as a new user.

5. You will now be logged in and will need to find your business again to claim it.

6. Find your business under the correct category and click on your business name.

7. Click on Claim Now!

8. Fill in your full name, your telephone number and some information telling us why this is your business.


10. The administrator will receive an email to advise them that a claim has been made. They will either Approve or Deny to claim within 24 hours.

11. You will receive 3 emails in total,

  • one with your username and password
  • one letting you know that you have put in a claim for the business
  • one letting you know if it has been approved or denied.

Once the claim is approved the Claimed Tick will show next to the listing name and the option to claim will disappear.

12. Follow the prompts below to get into your account.

  • Hover over your username in the top right corner and click on Dashboard

Now you can go ahead to make any changes necessary.

Here you can make changes to your details to your profile and your listing. Click on the published under LISTINGS in the left side panel to get to your business. Click on the Edit button (three dots) on the right side next to your business name on. When you have finished, go to your profile image and sign out. You can log in whenever you like to make any changes.

What if my business is already claimed on My Business Directory?

If there’s a big dark blue tick next to the business name, it means someone is already managing your listing.

If you’re unsure of your login details or believe the listing is being managed by someone who is not from your business, please contact us immediately and we will check into the matter.


Benefits of claiming your business on My Business Directory

  • Customise your listing: Log-in to add or update your business’ contact details and opening hours, add images showcasing your products and services or add menus and deals anytime, anywhere. Whether you take credits cards and more. More information on your listing helps convert browsing customers into paying ones.
  • Rank higher in search results: At My Business Directory, business listings that provide a better experience for locals (i.e. listings with more information and photos) are prioritised in search results. This means standing out more amongst our thousands of visitors a month.
  • Receive notifications: Be notified when someone leaves a review on your listing. You’ll also have the opportunity to respond to reviewers and showcase your customer service skills.